Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dupioni Squares

I finally finished this quilt in May after it languished in boxes, closets and suitcases literally for years.   So why did I mistreat this quilt for so long?
I discovered dupioni silk while preparing to make my wedding dress--I was learning all about different silks trying to decide which one would give me the look I wanted.  I went with the traditional satin for my dress, but fell absolutely in love with the texture, the shine, and the body of the dupioni. 

So one day over 10 years ago, my casual "window shopping" in a fabrics store turned into a rather pricy dupioni silk shopping spree.  I decided to make a quilt out of fabric squares--a simple pattern, but one that could take advantage of the fabric's distinct directional shine.   

Unlike silk satin, the dupioni silk is much more forgiving to work with--no need to worry about pin marks or chafing.  So the quilt came together very quickly.  Unfortunately, in my quest to make the quilt extra warm I doubled the batting.  As a result, the quilt turned out to be too thick for the sewing machine I was using then.  This blunder left me with only one way out--hand quilting, which requires significantly more patience than I will ever have.  And thus the quilt has been left virtually untouched for all these years. 

What saved this luscious quilt is my decision is to get a sewing machine for my mother.  While shopping for her, I could not resist replacing my from-craigslist never-quite-working-right machine with a new one.  My almost one-year-old Janome Magnolia 7318 deserves its own blog post.  All I will say here is that this workhorse was more than capable to easily sew through my quilt, allowing me to finally finish this project. 

Now the quilt spends its time in a place much more appropriate for it--my parents' living room couch.