Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Craft Fair Report

Thank you to all of you who stopped by my table at the craft fair yesterday. I received tremendous support and lots of encouragement from coworkers and other crafters at the fair. So the fair was a success in every way.

Here are some quick stats for those of you who are curious: I started out with 101 cards (89 + 12 seconds), and sold 56 (52 + 4 seconds).

The snowflake was the top seller by only by one card. Nick and I expected that it to be a runaway winner. More surprising was the fact that people seemed to be more attracted by non-blue snowflakes—the golden/orange/red ones that I made more as an experiment rather then for public consumption. The close second was the peacock card. I think people liked the fact that this card comes with a printed envelope.

Thanks to my friend Helen who watched my table for awhile, I got to walk around and check out other tables at the fair. A lady next to me was selling super cute handmade wooden toys as well as other baby items. A fellow MathWorker was selling great looking handmade tote bags. Another lady was selling necklaces handmade by women in Uganda. (All the proceeds from her sales were going back to these women and the villages they were from.) The individual beads in these necklaces were handmade from recycled magazines!

Of course I cannot list all the tasty and beautiful things sold at the MathWorks fair, but it was great to see what "artsy and craftsy" things my coworkers do in their spare time.

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may said...

I like the orange and the gold snowflakes!!! :)